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Youth and Adult Probation support services are offered through the Society to provide probation clients with connection to service providers, education, job skills training, and community and cultural supports with the intent to assist the clients in the successful completion of their probationary period.  To a client that is already in a vulnerable position, the proper supports and guidance can drastically reduce the occurrence  of breaches and re-offences.  The communities can also refer youth that they feel are in imminent risk of becoming either a victim or offender for assistance from our staff.  Ideally, we prefer to begin the path to healing and wellness before formal actions need to be taken.



This program promotes the principles of Restorative Justice; a justice in which the person that caused the harm, the person harmed, and the community come together to establish ways to repair the harm for reconciliation, closure and healing.  Through a structured discussion led by one of our trained facilitators, the participants come to an agreement about how to meaningfully repair the harm caused by the incident.  Questions uncover how the offence happened, who was harmed and how, and what needs to happen to make it right.

The Peacemaking Circle is a dialogue process that works intentionally to create a safe space to discuss difficult or painful issues in order to improve relationships and resolve differences. The intent of the circle is to find resolutions that serve every member of the circle.

 Both of these methods are examples of traditional Aboriginal methods of handling conflicts and go a long way in working to reduce the overrepresentation of First Nations people in the mainstream justice system.

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